Tips For Hanging a Gallery Wall in Your Home – Gone are the days where hanging just one photo in your home will do, a gallery wall is a trend that’s here to stay. No matter your style or taste, there is a way for you to make this trend your own. Here are five tips for hanging a gallery wall in your home.


1. Map it Out

Create a map of what you want your gallery wall to look like before you start nailing holes in the walls. Lay out your desired design on the ground, taking into account the spacing and design flow. This will allow you to make any changes before it becomes a permanent fixture.


2. Move Outward

Pick one piece – you’ll likely already have it in mind – and put that at eye level, making it the main focal point of your gallery wall. After that piece is decided upon, work your way outward. Make sure to keep it symmetrical, as you want to keep your main focal point in the middle and your don’t want to run out of space on either side.


3. Collect at the Same Time

This step isn’t a necessity as much as it is a “nice to have.” When you first get the idea of making a gallery wall, consider what you have and what you need to get. Collecting the majority of your art at the same time will ensure that you have a consistent style amongst every piece.


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4. Have the Right Tools

You don’t need a lot of tools to put your gallery wall together, but you do need the right ones. The absolute necessities are a hammer, nails and a level tool. It would also be good to have another way to secure each piece of artwork to the wall (as a precaution).


5. Have Fun With It

A gallery wall should be an expression of things you love (and things you love to look at!) It takes a lot of time and extra planning, but the end result is well worth it. Be odd, be unique, be whatever you want to be – have fun with it!


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